How do I register to graduate?

  1. Click on the 'Registration' button on latrobe.reedgraduations.com.au,
  2. Enter your student number (digits only).
  3. The portal will automatically display the date and time of your ceremony.
  4. Click ‘add to cart’ and then 'view cart'. Follow the prompts to select your other graduation items, such as regalia and guest tickets. 

How do I register to hire/purchase my regalia?

  1. Click on the ‘Regalia' button on latrobe.reedgraduations.com.au.
  2. Enter your student number (digits only).
  3. The portal will automatically determine your regalia type and displays appropriate pricing.
  4. To purchase regalia items, select as required. 
  5. Enter your height in centimetres (an estimate is fine).
  6. Select ‘add to cart’.
  7. Select ‘continue shopping’ to stay on the same page or ‘view cart’ to proceed to checkout.

How do I purchase guest tickets?

  1. After registering and ordering regalia, select 'Guest Tickets'.
  2. Enter your student number (without letters) and date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY
  3. Select the desired number of tickets
  4. Maximum allocations are set depending on ceremony and will be enforced accordingly by the portal
  5. Click ‘add to cart’ and follow prompts to checkout. 

How can I secure additional guest tickets?

Additional guest tickets (greater than the initial allocation) may be available once registrations have closed. Unallocated guest tickets are given on a first come, first served basis and there is no guarantee that they will be available for every ceremony. Any updates regarding tickets will be sent to the La Trobe student email account and personal email address.

This information was sourced from the La Trobe university website: http://www.latrobe.edu.au/students/admin/graduations/dates

Can I view the ceremony online?

Any friends and family that cannot attend in person will be able to watch your ceremony live online at http://www.latrobe.edu.au/students/admin/graduations/live-stream

What is a Portrait Session and what does it cover?

A Portrait Session is the time you spend with our professional photographer. Your photographer will take a range of different shots and poses of the graduate by themselves as well as extra shots with family and friends.

Why should I pre-book my portrait session?

Pre-booking online saves time. Simply print or screenshot your booking confirmation and present at our photography studios to have your photos taken.

Do I get a specific appointment time when I book my portrait session?

No, due to time constraints, we can’t book in a specific time for your sitting. We suggest pre-booking online to save time, but if you choose to book on the day make sure you arrive as early as possible to register at our customer service desk and have your studio portraits taken.  

Can I get my photos taken before/after the ceremony?

Our studios are available before and after the ceremony. You can proceed to the photography area as soon as you have your gown, and immediately after the ceremony. Our studios close (temporarily) strictly 45 minutes before the ceremony commences.

Do I need to make a booking to get my stage photograph?

No. we take a photograph of every single graduate. A photo of every graduate is available to view and purchase immediately after the ceremony. To save time on the day click here to pre-book online.

When do I receive my pre-booked stage image or video? 

These items will be available to collect immediately after the ceremony at the Stage Desk. If you forget to collect these items, we will need to charge a postage fee to send the items after graduation. 



How do I view my photos online?

  1. Visit latrobe.reedgraduations.com.au,
  2. Click on the ‘View/Order portrait images’ circle.
  3. Enter your 'G' reference code from your studio session booking and then click GO.
  4. Your images will appear in a slide show format. Use the arrows to scroll through the images.

If you receive the message “Sorry, please try another code”, your photographs may still be uploading. Please allow 5 business days from graduation day for the images to be available to view. If you continue to have trouble after this period, please contact our staff at hello@reedgraduations.com.au 

How do I order my photos online?

  1. Visit latrobe.reedgraduations.com.au,
  2. Enter your 'G' reference code from your studio session booking and then click GO.
  3. Your images will appear in a slide show format. Click ‘order photos’ to start your order.
  4. Choose from the three options above the image: ‘Select a print’, ‘Select a canvas’ OR ‘Select a digital copy’.
  5. Use the side arrows to click through to your desired image. (There are artistic effects and framing options available underneath the image.)
  6. Click ‘add to cart’. You can then choose to continue selecting more photographs, or continue to checkout.
  7. If you haven’t already done so, you will need to create an account with us. This way we can save your shipping address and contact details for any future purchases.
  8. Follow the prompts to checkout. A receipt will be emailed as confirmation.

How do I download the Digital Pack?

  1. Go to our website and login to your account.
  2. Then click 'My Account' in the top right corner and then from the dropdown menu.
  3. On the order summary page, click the black 'View' button beside your order with the Digital Pack. 
  4. Then scroll down the receipt and underneath the Digital Pack sample photo you will see a 'Download' button.
  5. From this link you will be able to save the images to your computer. The images can be downloaded multiple times, if necessary.

Having trouble? Please ensure you click the ‘View’ button beside your Digital Pack order. If you have any questions or problems, please contact our staff at hello@reedgraduations.com.au. 

How do I view and purchase my stage photos online?

  1. Visit latrobe.reedgraduations.com.au.
  2. Click on ‘View/Order Stage Images’.
  3. Select the date and time of your ceremony. Click GO.
  4. This will show everyone who crossed the stage. Select your image and then your preferred format (print/digital, etc.)
  5. Click ‘add to cart’ and follow the prompts to checkout. 

How long before I receive my order?

Reed Graduation Services are dedicated to providing only the absolute highest level of quality. Your printed images will be thoughtfully re-touched, carefully packaged and delivered to your door or post office approximately 4 weeks after ordering.  Digital images are available online instantly after you place your order. Framed images can take up to 6 weeks due to the nature of creating custom frames.

Can my order be delivered overseas?

Yes, we deliver printed photographs and degree plaques worldwide. Please note that we will exchange glass for perspex in any frames that are shipped overseas.  

How is my order sent?

Your order is sent via Australia Post and is packaged securely to avoid any damage.

What is a canvas print?

A canvas print is a photograph printed on textured artist canvas rather than traditional photo paper. Canvas is a high-quality material that gives a similar effect to a painting.  Your canvas will arrive rolled in a heavy duty packing cylinder.

Price List

To view our photography price list please click here. All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD).


For physical items, the postage fee ranges from $15 - $30 within Australia. Overseas postage is calculated based on the product item and destination.

Digital items do not attract a postage fee.